Please excuse the mess while we work to get the site up and running.

Sometimes existing is all I can manage in a day.  And that's a win.

(Even if it doesn't feel like it.)

After an amazing year on Twitter, we've decided to take over the world (after multiple naps of course). This is our space to come together and build the network most of us probably didn't have when we first stepped foot into the chronic illness world.  There is something here for everyone whether you are a:

  • “I have no idea” - an undiagnosed patient who doesn't quite know where you fit in or HOW to connect with a community without a diagnosis.
  • "Newbie" - recently fell ill or was diagnosed and is now trying to get acclimated to chronic life & what's next.
  • "Pro" - you've got a solid hold on your illness(es) and need a social, fun outlet from your bed on those rough days. 


Where do we start?

  1. Sign up for the Forum - So much great information ends up in Twitter hashtags, but hashtags aren't naturally searchable! Together we can combine all of our collective knowledge and help not only each other, but future Spoonies to come.  

  2. Join us at our next SpoonieCult Movie Night, SCTweetFlix, which takes place every 2-3 weeks on Twitter.  We hit play on a Netflix simultaneously and live tweet together. Text @sctwe to 81010 to sign up for text reminders!

  3. Stalk us on Social Media of course.  Twitter is a great way to connect with people at your own pace.  

  4. Share your ideas - with limited spoons all around, it is helpful to know where to focus.


Spoons & hugs,


Teal leopard print slippers


Have an idea for us?  We'd love to hear from you.


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